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"The New World for Environmental Performance"
This conference will focus on industrial energy and environmental changes & challenges in a post 9/11 world.  The Pollution Prevention (P2) Roundtables are DEP-sponsored forums for Business & Industry to meet face-to-face on a regular basis to discuss the implementation of pollution prevention and environmental improvement programs.  An overview of the P2 roundtable format can be found here in a PDF file.

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Keynote Speakers 
    Eric A. Thumma,
Acting Deputy Secretary
    Office of Pollution Prevention and Compliance Assistance,  PA DEP 
    Earl Freilino, PA Homeland Director 
    Barbara D'Angelo, Director, Office of Environmental Innovation, US EPA Region III
    Mark Steele and Michelle McGregor-Smith, Kennametal Inc.

Breakout Session Topics:

Dealing with Industrial Energy Issues

  • The Energy breakout sessions will cover renewable energy technologies, co-generation technologies, energy efficiency process related technologies (such as combined heat and power systems), demand side monitoring and energy purchasing strategies.
  • The “expert” presentations will address 1) a broad overview of the current state of the market for a particular aspect such as renewable energy, 2) how industrial users can go about evaluating their real potential for implementing a technology or strategy, 3) common pitfalls and mistakes to avoid, 5) expectations regarding resources required including time and personnel and 4) suggested initial steps for getting started.
  • The corresponding industrial case study will look at one (or more) firm’s experience with addressing this aspect. The presentation will address how the project came about, the resources involved, the nature of the project plan, lessons learned, unique solutions developed and final results.

Beneficial Use of Industrial Waste Streams & Recycling

  • The Beneficial Use and Recycling breakout sessions will address how industrial facilities can, in addition to reducing waste streams, make beneficial use of their industrial waste streams – whether reuse in process or used as an input to someone else’s process. Along these lines, additional issues will be discussed such as: the regulatory constraints and opportunities for pursuing beneficial use of industrial waste streams, recycling and process related technologies that make possible beneficial use industrial waste streams, market opportunities and resources for exploring the beneficial use of a waste stream (one of the biggest areas of need is figuring out if a waste stream could be beneficially used by someone else) and real world examples of companies that have successfully converted a waste stream to a beneficial use.

Industrial Water Usage

  • The Industrial Water Usage and Conservation breakout session will address emerging technologies and practices which can lead to improved industrial water conservation efforts including treatment technologies. Speakers will cover both the state of the market and state of the art technologies which can be applied to their process, as well as in other strategies which can be implemented to reduce the amount of water consumed in process. Effective control and treatment of waste water prior to discharge will also be an important issue in this session.

Storm Water Issues

  • The Stormwater Management breakout session will address the regulatory aspects regarding stormwater management and the technologies and strategies that can be employed to address industrial site stormwater issues. The presentations will range from those who know very little to nothing about the issue but suddenly may find themselves faced with it, to those that have had stormwater programs in the past and are seeking to better respond to new regulation.

Lunch & Dinner Presentation Topics:
    Homeland Security Issues for PA Industry
    Environmental Policy & Regulation: Direction & Change
    Energy Policy in Pennsylvania

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